Online Lesson

Small Group Lessons now available at JUN.

Online Lessons (30mins).

Age 0~8.
Capacity 6 Families.
When Can I Enroll? Anytime.
Class Hours  



Sunday   10 am & 11am

Tuition Fee 1 Free Trial Lesson / 4 Lesson Ticket: ¥8,000 (before tax).

During these uncertain times where it is difficult to make choices regarding our children’s learning environment and whether or not it’s safe to send them to school, it is great that we can rely on DVDs and Youtube videos to supplement our children’s education. However there are some things that can’t be achieved by only learning through “being showed.” To help provide a positive and interactive learning environment for your child to engage in English actively we have opened our Online Zoom Lessons.

We welcome students from anywhere in the world to join us in our Online Class!

By keeping the class numbers small it gives the opportunity for everybody to get an equal chance to participate and communicate directly with each other as well as with our Native teacher! It makes for an open and cheerful environment where seeing other students can be encouragement for others to speak in English!

We also welcome children as young as 0 or 1 to join us and dance along together with Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa to our songs. It can be enjoyed by the whole family!

For families who would prefer to take private lessons over group classes we are happy to accommodate. Private lessons can be arranged for 3000 yen per 30 minute lesson. This price is for a single family, so siblings are more than welcome to participate together in the same lesson!

We also provide private online lessons for Elementary students through to Adults (6000 yen per hour before tax). Please contact us for more information if you are interested.

Example Curriculum



Group Lesson: Circle Time Structure

  • Greetings
  • Roll Call
  • TPR warm up
  • Hello song
  • Manner cards
  • Weather song
  • How’s the weather today?
  • Days of the week song
  • Months of the year song
  • What day is it today?
    • TODAY – IS – (DAY) – (MONTH) – (DATE)
  • Introduce weekly topic & vocabulary (FRUIT & VEGETABLES)
    • One Potato, Two Potato
    • I Like Vegetables
    • Sho Fruity
  • Do you have ______? (fruits & vegetable print outs)
  • Story time
  • Introductions & Show and Tell
    • My name is ____
    • I’m ____ years old
    • I like _____ (favorite fruit or vegetable)
    • I have a/an _________ (show & tell item)
  • Goodbye song



phone: 070 2616 0720