How to Join Us!

① Make an Inquiry

First fill out the following application form Contact Form and let us know which course you are interested in.
After we receive your application form we will respond to you by e-mail.
※ If you don’t see any mail from us, please double check that you can receive emails from

② Visit Us

Before we continue the application process we would like to arrange a chance for you to come and meet us and experience our school’s atmosphere.
Visiting hours are from 9.45pm to 12.00pm (If you need to leave earlier please let us know).
Please come together with your child.

③ Trial Lesson

Next we would like to invite your child to come to JUN for a free trial lesson (without their parents).
Trial lessons are from 9:30 to 13:30.
Please bring a lunchbox and a change of clothes for the day.

④ Finish Registration

When you have finished filling out the registration form and paid the entrance and tuition fees your child will be officially enrolled at JUN International Preschool!

⑤ Lesson Start!

Welcome to JUN! Don’t forget to hold onto all receipts and important documents.
What you will need at JUN:
・A Lunchbox
・A Change of Clothes
・(If necessary) Diapers
・Outdoor Gear (please bring a hat and appropriate shoes for playing at the park)