Morning Class

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:00〜14:00

Age 1~4.
Capacity 12 students.
When can I enroll? Anytime.
Class hours Mon – Sat (9am – 2pm).
*Note: Students must enroll for a minimum of 1 day/week.
After hours After hours extension is available until 5pm upon request.
*Note: An extra charge is applied after 2pm.
Makeup classes Available upon request.


Happy First Steps in English / Our morning class
It is very natural for parents and children to feel nervous when separating from each other for the first time. JUN International Preschool aims to create a nurturing, home-like environment so that children can adapt quickly and smoothly. Once they’re comfortable it’s amazing how fast they grow. Your child’s first experience of being separated from his or her parents should be both a happy and positive one. Our morning class focuses on more than just ‘learning English.’ The five hours spent at JUN each day gives children the opportunity to learn valuable daily life lessons at the same time as having a lot of fun and playing with friends. During our daily activities we learn good manners, such as saying “Thank you,” “Please,” or “Here you are.” We learn by observation and setting a good example for each other. We learn how to go to the toilet, how to wash our hands, change our clothes, put away our shoes, take out our own lunch and clean up after ourselves.We have a high teacher to student ratio, so everyone can get the individual attention they need. Our teachers are all professional at caregiving as well as at teaching English. Children that come to school five days a week will become just as fluent in English as native English children around the same age.

Our educational material is carefully chosen to enhance children’s natural ability to learn the same way native English children do. They learn letter and word recognition, commonly used vocabulary, how to spell and write their names, phonics and ultimately reading.  We have craft time everyday. The children love to take them home after school to show their parents. On special occasions we also do activities such as making cakes for birthday parties or activities related to Japanese and Western cultural events like Children’s day or Mother’s day. By frequently practising how to cut, glue, colour and other motor skill related activities the children improve their hand-eye coordination a lot.
Every month we change to a new theme to study, such as ‘animals’ or ‘colours and shapes’. We prepare songs, dances, flash cards, crafts and story books related to each theme. We make an album of our student’s work at the end of each term with comments from their teacher about their progress. The children also get their own individual diary which the teacher uses to write notes about what they learnt or enjoyed doing while they were at JUN. This is updated every class. We take photos during class and upload them to our Official Facebook Page for parents to see. Parent-teacher interviews are also set up with the principal so that parents can consult about their children and get advice.

What do we do at JUN?

We read books.

We learn the alphabet and how to spell our names.

We learn how to say the date and the weather.

We practice writing.

We learn how to use scissors and glue and make all sorts of crafts.

We make seasonal and cultural event related crafts too.

The children love cooking!

We play at the park.

Sometimes we go on adventures to Inokashira Park.

We like to celebrate our Birthdays together.

We love to dress up, especially for our Halloween party.

Santa comes every Christmas!

We send Christmas cards to our grand parents.

We have a graduation ceremony at the end of the year.

A Typical Day in JUN’s Morning Class

Free play time (toys, puzzles, drawing, reading, lego and blocks)


Paper work (date and attendance, coloring, phonics practice)


Circle time (greetings, singing and dancing, the weather, monthly vocabulary, story)


Toilet / snack time


Play outside


Lunchtime (children bring their lunchbox from home, eat and then clean up)


Quiet time (watching English videos)
Craft (we practice painting, cutting & sticking our crafts together)


Sometimes we do cooking (when we have a birthday party we make the cake together)


Circle time and ‘Show & Tell’ (the children bring something from home to share with the class)