JUN’s Philosophy

Founded on June 1st in 1998, JUN International Preschool provides a nurturing at-home environment for children to develop, grow and learn English starting from an early age. Our morning class welcomes children from the age of one and up to a completely immersed English speaking environment.

The most important thing for us at JUN is insuring that the children are happy. We believe that a happy child is a relaxed child, and that a relaxed child is a receptive one. Every child is different and we strive to find the best way for each individual to absorb our English atmosphere. A good ratio of teachers to children is adopted to give each child the attention they need.
At JUN International Preschool, our classroom consists of a mixture of ages and nationalities. Having children of different ages learning together gives a family context to the learning environment. The younger children learn from the example of the older children and the older children learn leadership skills and how to be considerate of others. Children learn through play and various activities, thus enhancing their social skills, motor skills, as well as how to express themselves to others and behave well in public.
Our qualified and experienced native English  teachers have carefully selected the educational materials to foster the growth of our students. Graduates of our morning and afternoon kindergarten classes will acquire a great basis in English. Students who attended classes regularly often go on to skipping grades at international school or passing English Proficiency Tests in their early years at elementary school.
With love and passion the staff at JUN International Preschool work hard to take good care of your children at the fast absorbing stage of their lives, fostering their self-esteem, confidence and social skills and preparing him or her for whatever educational and social circumstances may arise in the future.

Message from Principal

At JUN, the leading roles are played by the children themselves. By forming strong bonds and good relationships with their teachers and friends, they grow step by step and naturally acquire an understanding in English.
The children keep their own pace, so they are always happy and relaxed. They love to sing songs in front of people and they’re always excited to share their ‘Show and Tell’ for the day.
Teaching children is very rewarding as they give back so much. I get a lot of energy from the children at JUN everyday.
Thank you children, I love you all!







Miyako Hangai

Nursery School Teacher
Clinical Developmental Psychologist
Special Educational Needs Specialist

Miyako’s Blog https://ameblo.jp/jun-i-preschool/

Miyako Hangai’s Profile:

Miyako Hangai started JUN International Preschool in 1998 at her own home after the preschool her children were attending was shut down.
Miyako has been teaching English to students since her own university days. She taught Japanese at the University of New Haven, Connecticut in the US and she also attended graduate school at Yale University.
She is a professional psychologist, specializing in understanding people with autism. She consults teachers, parents and students at elementary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and special education needs schools throughout Tokyo.
Qualified in teaching English, she advises teachers how to plan effective English lessons for students with different intellectual and developmental characteristics.
She has studied the TEACCH method and ESDM programs several times in North Carolina, America and in Saga, Kyushu.
She is familiar with both British and American English.
She regularly does free seminars regarding English education, child care and developmental disorders at public libraries in her local area.