Summer School

Now enrolling for Summer School 2022!







Come enjoy a different activity every day at our Spring, Summer and Winter school programs! We do activities such as cooking, crafts, cray fishing, zoo trips, shopping, treasure hunting etc. We welcome students of any English level to participate and join in the fun.

All lessons are conducted in English however our bilingual staff are ready to help if there’s ever an issue! It’s a great opportunity for first time English speakers to learn some basics as well as for native English speakers to brush up on their skills.
We make daily diary entries and collect all the craft and paperwork during class, then we compile it all together as an album and give it back to the children to take home on their last day.
These programs are available for anybody to attend. Not restricted to regular JUN students. So feel free to join us! Discounts are available for past students of JUN.


Monday July 19th to Saturday August 28th

You can apply for any number of the days that you’d like.


Monday July 18th – Shopping

Tuesday July 19th – Craft

Wednesday July 20th –  Treasure Hunting

Thursday July 21st – Science Experiment

Friday July 22nd – Craft

Saturday July 23rd – Cooking

Week 2

Monday July 25th – Treasure Hunting

Tuesday July 26th – Cray Fishing at Inokashira Park

Wednesday July 27th – Craft

Thursday July 28th – Cooking

Friday July 29th – Shopping

Saturday July 30th – Science Experiment

Week 3

Monday August 1st –  Shopping

Tuesday August 2nd – Cray Fishing at Inokashira Park

Wednesday August 3rd – Treasure Hunting

Thursday August 4th –  Science Experiment

Friday August 5th – Craft

Saturday August 6th – Cooking

Week 4

Monday August 8th –  Shopping

Tuesday August 9th – Cray Fishing at Inokashira Park

Wednesday August 10th – Treasure Hunting

Thursday August 11th –  Craft

Friday August 12th – Cooking

Saturday August 13th – Shopping

Week 5

Monday August 15th –  Craft

Tuesday August 16th – Cray Fishing at Inokashira Park

Wednesday August 17th – Cooking

Thursday August 18th – Science Experiment

Friday August 19th – Treasure Hunting

Saturday August 20th – Craft

 Week 6

Monday August 22nd – Cooking

Tuesday August 23rd – Cray Fishing at Inokashira Park

Wednesday August 24th – Shopping

Thursday August 25th – Science Experiment

Friday August 26th – Treasure Hunting

Saturday August 27th – Craft

     School hours are from 9AM to 3PM (6 hours).


Age 3~9.
Capacity 12 students.
When can I enroll? Anytime.
*Note: Spaces are subject to availability. Please call us to find out.
Class hours 9am – 3pm
After hours After hours extension is available until 6pm upon request.
*Note: An extra charge is applied after 3pm.

A Typical Day at JUN’s Spring, Summer & Winter School Classes.

9:00-9:30 Welcome time – free play
9:30-10:00 Worksheet time – phonics, grammar, reading, writing (we cater for the student’s level)
10:00-11:00 Circle time (songs, dance, nursery rhymes, activity, daily topic vocabulary, weather, alphabet, story)
Park time
11:45-12:45 Lunch time
12:45-13:00 Rest period / English DVD
13:00-14:00 Main Activity (cooking, shopping, craft etc.)
Snack time
14:20-14:45  Daily diary
14:45-15:00 Circle Time (Show & Tell / Good Bye Song)

Home Time

【Items to bring to school: Lunchbox, a change of clothes & a show and tell item.】


New Students: 9,000円 (excl. tax) per day.
Returning Students: 8,000円 (excl. tax) per day.

*Note: You can apply for any number of days that you’d like.

Limited spots available. Contact us with your interest as soon as possible!